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SAMPYO Cement, celebrating its 50th anniversary, is pursuing efforts to vitalize sales and the organization by establishing a foundation for another leap forward to create best value in each field, by adapting accountability management on the job front to create profit and secure competitiveness, and by offering fair compensation based on empowerment and fair assessment.

Under this mandate, SAMPYO Cement prepared ethical standards for areas that had been overlooked or vulnerable. All executives and employees are now acting upon this ethical standard, based on the best level of honesty and good faith. Through such efforts, SAMPYO Cement will achieve its management objective and gain trust from its investors and clients for its transparency.

All executives and employees of SAMPYO Cement have taken part in establishing this code of ethics and guidelines, and are in compliance with the guiding principles as follows:

Criteria to consider for ethical decision making
Are my acts and behavior legal?
Am I not ashamed even if my acts are disclosed in public?
Do I use my time and authority for the sake of the company?
Does my act tarnish the company's reputation?
Does my act profit the company in the long term?