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 1957  Tong Yang Cement Industrial Co., Ltd. is founded.
(Annual productivity: 80,000 ton)

 1959  1st extension works(Annual productivity: 180,000 ton)

 1961  2nd extension works(Annual productivity: 380,000 ton)

 1967  3rd extension works(Annual productivity: 1,000,000 ton)

 1975  4th extension works(Annual productivity: 3,000,000 ton)

 1976  IPO, Busan Plant starts operating.

 1978  5th extension works(Annual productivity: 4,000,000 ton)

 1979  Donghae Plant starts operating

 1980  Replace bunker C oil with bituminous coal to cope with energy crisis

 1981  Win 3.1 Cultural Award for the above replacement

 1985  Renamed Tong Yang Cement Corporation
 6th extension works (Annual productivity: 5,000,000 ton)
 Gwangyang Plant, Changwon Plant and Sungbuk Plant starts

1990  7th extension works(Annual productivity: 8,000,000 ton)

1993  8th extension works(Annual productivity: 11,000,000 ton)
Beijing Business Office opens in China.

1995  Reach the accumulated production amount of 100 million ton in total
Gwangyang Slag Cement Plant starts operating.
Awarded ISO 9001 Certificate in cement industry

1996  Awarded ISO 14001 Certificate in environment management

1997  Win President Award for Facility Management in the National Quality
Management Competition

1998  Win Enterprise Value Award from Korea Management Association
Win Green Energy Award from Korean Federation
for Environmental Movement
Win Company Innovation Award from Ministry of Commerce,
Industry and Energy

1999  Win Economic Justice Award from Citizens' Coalition
for Economic Justice
Win Prize of Export Tower worth $ 20 million

2000  Win Best Workplace Award among large enterprises section from
Korea Employers Federation
Merged with Tong Yang Major Corporation
Renamed Cement Division of Tong Yang Major Corporation

2002  Separated from Tong Yang Major Corporation
Renamed Tong Yang Cement Corporation

2003  Tong Yang Major Corporation's acquisition of equity of
Tong Yang Cement Corporation from LH Holdings Ltd.

2006  Tong Yang Cement Corporation is awarded the
Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit

2007  The company’s total accumulated production
amount reaches 200 million tons

2008  Investment agreement with Samcheok city to
develop rail bike and sightseeing gondola from
new tourism resources

2010  Merged with Golden Oil Corp
Renamed TONGYANG Cement & Energy

2011  Relocated its headquarters to Samcheok

2013.10  Corporate reorganization started and approved

2015.03  Corporate reorganization ended