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Samcheok Plant, SAMPYO Cement.’s world-class single unit plant, is equipped with seven NSP(New Suspension Preheater)-type kilns that are fully automated, and mills with productivity of 560 tons per hour. It has manufactured high-grade cement that meets ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Standards, and exported over 1.5 million tons of cement per annum to the United States, Japan, and other countries.

SAMPYO Cement. has developed a new mine, which contains 300 million tons of limestone, to create a stable route for raw materials that will last for more than 30 years. In order to collect high quality limestone in an environmentally-friendly manner, SAMPYO Cement Corporation has adopted the “glory hole” mining method. In particular, we also have tried to cut back on costs by making use of waste, left behind after making pig iron in steel mills or power stations, for materials or secondary materials.

Slag cement is a mixture of cement and slag, a byproduct of manufacturing pig iron. First manufactured in 1995, slag cement has been widely used in building dams, roads, railways, bridges, and tunnels, thanks to its excellent long-term strength, thermal resistance, erosion resistance, and low permeability. Our slag cement has gained recognition as an environmentally-friendly product, because it is successfully recycled from industrial wastes.

In addition, SAMPYO Cement. has contributed to the development of the nation’s architectural engineering through the production and sale of various special-purpose cements. These include low-heat cement, which prevents cracks caused by hydration heat, and Sigma 1000, which is an admixture designed to enhance the strength of concrete products.

production factory Clinker
(half-finished products )
production capacity by goods
Portland cement blast furnace slag cement
Samcheok Plant 10,045,000 10,090,000 -
Donghae Plant - 1,346,000 -
Gwangyang Slag
Cement Plant
- - 1,200,000
Busan Slag
Cement Plant
- - 800,000
Total 10,045,000 11,436,000 2,000,000